MAINGATE: A Place That Works

Northeast Ohio's Business and Industry Park

Maingate Membership List

Your membership in Maingate supports the common good. Individual members also benefit from:

  • access to important resources and information you can trust
  • improved working and living conditions
  • connections to new member companies with which to do business
  • appreciated land values
  • facilitation of development products:
    • land use planning
    • land acquisition and assembly
    • land clearance
    • property marketing
    • linkage to financing
    • assistance with permitting
    • red tape assistance
  • infrastructure improvements:
    • new and restored roads
    • new sidewalks and curbs
    • new bus stations
    • new area-wide lighting
    • new street signage
    • bridge repairs and replacements
    • demolitions of open vacant and vandalized structures
  • enhanced visual quality:
    • major clean-up blitzes
    • tire sweeps
    • tree and garden plantings
    • street lighting
    • new entryway signage
  • Networking opportunities:
    • Community wide meetings, speaker series and special events
    • Linkage to city hall, state, civic, educational and other business resources
    • Program savings and discounts
    • Listings on the Maingate website and opportunities for additional exposure