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Profile and History

The Maingate organization is located in the heart of the transportation hub between New York and Chicago. The industrial, manufacturing and distribution operations in the area form an epicenter of economic growth for Cleveland and the nation. For 14 years Maingate Business Development Corporation had served its core primary 2.5 square-mile industrial area southeast of Downtown Cleveland.

In 2003, the City of Cleveland asked Maingate to consider expanding its service area to include the industrial sections of the Kinsman neighborhood to its east, which had formerly been served by the Woodland East Community Organization (WECO). Because of changes in the focus of the WECO organization, Kinsman was the only Cleveland neighborhood not being served by a community development corporation (CDC). It was decided that Maingate would expand its area and serve the industrial constituency of the Kinsman neighborhood and the Burten Bell Carr CDC would serve the area’s residential and retail components.

With this expansion the Maingate area now serves a five square-mile area constituency. There are 14,600 employees being served by Maingate. There are nearly 500 companies in the Maingate area, over 300 SIC and NAICS coded industries, and a combined $400 million in economic impact. Maingate is extremely well-positioned at the center of many regional initiatives that are critical to the region's comeback, including the Cuyahoga Valley Initiative, the Ohio Canal Corridor, Scenic Byway, Heritage Corridor, Riverfront Regeneration Zone, the I-490 Opportunity Corridor, City of Cleveland Land Bank program and many, many others. There is much work to be done and Maingate will continue to play a key role in these critical efforts.