MAINGATE: A Place That Works

Northeast Ohio's Business and Industry Park

Maingate Membership List

The mission of the Maingate Business Development Corporation is to develop and improve the industrial area southeast of Downtown Cleveland for business retention, expansion and attraction, creating jobs for Clevelanders.


  • halt physical deterioration and improve conditions of work and life in the area and its periphery.
  • encourage, initiate, and/or coordinate programs involving revitalization, economic and physical development.
  • maintain and enhance communications among members in connection with the forgoing purposes and act in matters to promote the common good.
  • serve as advocate for the Maingate Cleveland business community and liaison with its various publics, including government, civic associations, media and foundations.

Our Vision

THREE-TO-FIVE YEAR VISION: By 2012, overall physical conditions in key areas of the Maingate area have been greatly improved. A dozen dilapidated structures have been demolished; Maingate has created a publicly-adopted development plan and established a critical base of information on business needs, land availability, and financing resources and techniques. Critical methodologies for producing major, large-scale development have been established. One major industrial park site has been assembled and remediated and a First Phase of construction is underway.

LONG-TERM VISION: We envision that by 2020 the Maingate District is recognized as the premier industrial and business district in the State of Ohio. The Maingate organization is also recognized as the premier economic development and business organization-agency in the state. The area is well-planned and populated with hundreds of viable, job-producing businesses, creating a cohesive and thriving district. The infrastructure, utility systems, and public roads and bridges effectively service and support the businesses of the district. Blighted, unoccupied, obsolescent or dilapidated buildings have been removed. There are two major industrial parks developed. Maingate is a place where employment proliferates and people actively and safely congregate.

Our Values

Maingate's Core Values represent how we view ourselves, shape our organizational decisions, measure our progress, and move toward attaining our vision.

Democracy: We encourage a spirit of democracy among our constituents. This is reflected through inclusiveness of voices and opinions from the members toward timely and effective decision-making and cohesive action. The Maingate community fosters a sense of fraternity grounded in professionalism, respect for business ownership, and for each other.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: The spirit of entrepreneurship is core to the Maingate community as demonstrated by its businesses' enthusiasm and perseverance, willingness to take risks, and a strong desire for freedom to pursue new and sustainable growth.

Integrity: In Maingate, integrity is exemplified by the willingness and ability to hold oneself and one's organization to a high standard of consistent quality, accountability, dedication, and service to the community. Integrity embodies courage of conviction and the willingness to be an advocate for the whole Maingate community and its non-profit organization's many members.

Resourcefulness: Maingate's long history epitomizes resourcefulness and  placing high value on innovation, creative thinking, flexibility, adaptability, and the willingness to extend beyond perceived limitations and constraints. Maingates' present-day stakeholders continue to hold to these critical grounding principles for their own, Cleveland's and Northeast Ohio's progress.