MAINGATE: A Place That Works

Northeast Ohio's Business and Industry Park

Maingate Membership List

Member Support Services Committee

… shall be responsible for designing, updating and overseeing policies and programs to address the needs of the voting and associate members, enhance the physical, economic and safety environment of Maingate and provide interface between Maingate and its surrounding/related communities.

  • Chairman, Joe Turgeon – Zaclon, Inc.
  • Ernie Fisco – AAA Pipe Cleaning
  • Brian Lippert – ArcelorMittal Steel
  • Bill Mihaly – Marathon Petroleum
  • Bruce Yule – TREMCO, Inc.
  • Gerald Goldstein – American Bronze

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Membership and Marketing Committee

…shall be responsible for designing, updating, revising and overseeing the marketing and membership programs, strategies and activities of Maingate. The committee shall assist in conducting membership campaigns and the annual meeting.

  • Chairwoman, Rosemary McEntee – Huntington Bank
  • Suzanne Ferrara – National City Bank, part of PNC
  • Don Henderson – Farasey Steel
  • Chuck Knowles – US Bank
  • Tom Wirbel – CPI-HR

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Area Development and Planning Committee

shall be responsible for guiding, updating, revising and implementing the development activities, area planning, infrastructure advocacy, design oversight and other related services within Maingate’s redevelopment and revitalization initiative.

  • Chairman, Joe Carey – Carey Roofing
  • Dave DiBiasio – Tempest/Great Lakes Mechanical
  • Matt Krug – Cuyahoga Materials (Division of Osborne, Inc.)
  • Jay Ross – Cuyahoga County
  • Craig Stacy – G & M Towing and Recovery
  • Maribeth Feke – Greater Cleveland RTA

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